The goal of the CSES is to develop models and scenarios able to face the complexity of reality. Economic development fosters social equity if we empower individuals in sharing responsibilities to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability. A systemic vision allows overcoming reductionist models that are not able to keep pace with the quick evolving of the world. We promote horizontal models that express collective ideas inside multi-governed bodies, where economic, social, and environmental relations are embedded into unique systems. We designed models by identifying the relationship between agents and objects inside the system. Those elements do not define a single path but their interactions generate context-sensitive outputs and enable hidden potentials to emerge. Our models come from research on the field: we measure the success or the failure of each approach constantly reviewing our steps.

Marco graduates at Polytechnic of Milan. Since the beginning he has been practicing the freelance activity founding his own architectural studio and later on the current company Ingea34. Over the years he follows many projects, however his real passion for painting allows him to exhibit his paintings at an important artistic European events. He is now part of Coll.A. artist collective and Segnodue group. He is the President of R84 Multifactory in Mantua.
Simone tries to find a bridge between economic theory and history. He studies dynamic models of economic growth and development.  Thanks to complementary currencies he meets the multifactory model, since then he became passionate about regeneration projects. He agrees that the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42.

Francesco studies architecture at Polytechnic of Milan and subsequently he has been specializing in local development. His real passion is to understand which dynamics can be triggered to promote an equal territorial development. Usually patient even though his motto is improvising is better…. in meanwhile he tries to do it with his alto saxophone. 

Lorenza studies ethnography of organizations using visual anthropology tools. Her latest passion is community pedagogy. She is co-founder of Osun WES, research and consulting company which developed the multifactory model. She is workaholic and supportive. She stops thinking only when she practices yoga. 
Giulio cooperated with his thesis supervisor Giulio Sapelli for twenty years in managerial training sector. In 2016 he founded his strategic consulting and entrepreneurial training company, which developed the multifactory model. He strongly believes in the social role of entrepreneurship and his actions are always aimed at the reduction of social inequalities. He needs at least two cups of Earl Grey tea with milk to activate his neurons.